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SPLISS (Sports Policy factors Leading to International Sporting Success) is a network for international comparative studies on high performance sport which has the aim to coordinate, develop and share expertise in innovative high performance sport research at the policy level.

Optimising elite sport policies

SPLISS assesses and advises elite sport policy-makers on optimising their elite sport systems. Thus, we offer our expertise to countries that wish to evaluate and improve their nations’ elite sport system and climate. We make the potential improvements visible using our unique SPLISS methodology. The results will increase insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of a nation’s elite sport policies, benchmarked against different nations.


More than 15 years ago, an international group of researchers joined forces to develop theories and methods on the Sports Policy factors Leading to International Sporting Success (SPLISS). Two large-scale international SPLISS-projects were conducted that identified, compared and contrasted elite sport policies and strategies in place for the Olympic Games and other events in 15 distinct nations. With input from over 50 researchers and over 30 policy makers worldwide and the views of over 3000 elite athletes, 1300 high performance coaches and 240 performance directors, this work is the largest benchmarking study of national elite sport policies ever conducted.

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