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SPLISS foundation articles

SPLISS model

  • De Bosscher, V., De Knop, P., van Bottenburg, M., Shibli, S. (2006). A conceptual framework for analysing Sports Policy Factors Leading to international sporting success. European Sport Management Quarterly, 6 (2), 185-215. 

SPLISS methods

  • De Bosscher, V. (2018). A Mixed Methods Approach to Compare Elite Sport Policies of Nations. A Critical Reflection on the Use of Composit Indicators in the SPLISS Study. Sport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics. Special issue: Research Methodologies and Sports Scholarship, pp. 331-355.
  • De Bosscher, V., Shibli, S., van Bottenburg, M., De Knop,P., Truyens, J. (2010). Developing a methodology for comparing the elite sport systems and policies of nations: a mixed research methods approach. Journal of Sport Management, 24, 567-600.

SPLISS impact: MESSI model

  • Jens De Rycke & Veerle De Bosscher (2019) Mapping the potential societal impacts triggered by elite sport: a conceptual framework, International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, 11:3, 485-502.


TOKYO 2020

Tokyo 2020 publication
  • Tokyo 2020: Evaluation of the Elite Sport expenditures and success in 14 nations - Read more
  • De Bosscher, V., Shibli, S. et al. (2021) ISBN: 9789072325112. (50p)

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  • Successful elite sport policies: an international comparison of the sport policy in 15 nations - Read more
  • De Bosscher, V., Shibli, S., Westerbeek, H., & van Bottenburg, M. (2015). Meyer & Meyer Verlag.

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  • The global Sporting Arms Race. An international comparative study on sports policy factors leading to international sporting success. Read more
  • De Bosscher, V., Bingham, J., Shibli, S., van Bottenburg, M., De Knop, P. (2008). Meyer & Meyer. ISBN: 978-1-84126-228-4. (173p).

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