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Winter sports


Focusses on the development of policies and systems in Olympic Winter sports and the analysis of competititve position of nations in elite sport.


Weber, A. C., De Bosscher, V.*, Shibli, S. & Kempf, H. (2019). Strategic analysis of medal markets at the Olympic Winter Games: Introducing an index to analyse the quantitative market potential of sports disciplines. Team Performance Management: An International Journal, 25 (3-4) 229-252.

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Weber, A. C., De Bosscher, V*., & Kempf, H. (2019). Positioning at the Olympic Winter Games: examining the targeting of Olympic winter sports by medal-winning nations. Sport, Business and Management: an International Journal, Vol. 9 No. 5, pp. 417-442. Read abstract

Weber, A.C, De Bosscher, V.*, Kempf, H. (2018). Positioning in Olympic winter sports: Analysing national prioritisation of funding and success in eight nations. European Sport Management Quarterly (Special Issue), 18, 1, pp. 8-24.

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Weber, A.C, Kempf, H.*, Shibli, S. & De Bosscher, V.* (2016). Measuring competition in the Olympic Winter Games 1992-2014 using economic indices. Managing Sport and Leisure, 21:6, 399-420. pdf fileFull paper-Shibli et al.(2016) (897 KB)