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Talent development


The aim is to facilitate talent identification and development program by identify a critical age at which athletes should start to perform in international competitions, and to what extent it is reliable to use junior success as a criterion to predict senior success.



Li, PW; Weissensteiner, JR; Pion, J; De Bosscher, V* (2020, online accepted). Predicting elite success: Evidence comparing the career pathways of top 10 to 300 professional tennis players. INTERNATIONAL Journal of Sports Science & Soaching. Published online.

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Mateu, P., Vilanova, A., Inglés, E., De Bosscher, V. (published online 03. 2020). Academic studies and sporting success. Analysing dual careers in 13 nations. Journal of Sport Psychology.


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pdf fileFull paper Pingwei et al. (2018) (1.47 MB)

Li, Pingwei, De Bosscher, V*., Pion, J., Weissensteiner, J. R., & Vertonghen, J. (2018). Is international junior success a reliable predictor for international senior success in elite combat sports? European Journal of Sport Science, 18 (4), 550-559.

pdf fileFull paper Pingwei et al. (2018) (292 KB)

De Bosscher, V. De Rycke, J. (2017). Talent development programmes: a retrospective analysis of the age and support services for talented athletes in 15 nations, European Sport Management Quarterly, 2017, 17, 5, 590-609.

pdf fileFull paper De Bosscher et al. (2017) (2.01 MB)

De Bosscher, V., De Knop, P., Vertonghen J. (2016). A multidimensional approach to evaluate the policy effectiveness of elite sport schools in Flanders. Sport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics, 19 (10), p 1596-1621.

pdf fileFull paper De Bosscher et al. (2016) (2.52 MB)

Brouwers, J., De Bosscher, V.*, & Sotiriadou, P. (2012). An examination of the importance of performances in youth and junior competition as an indicator of later success in tennis. Sport Management Review, 15, 461-475.

pdf fileFull paper brouwers et al. (2012) (749 KB)

Brouwers, J., De Bosscher, V.,* Schaillée, H., Truyens, J., Sotiriadou (2010). The relationship between performances at U14 international youth tournaments and later success in tennis. Journal of Medicine and Science in Tennis, 15 (3), 21-25.

pdf fileFull paper Brouwers et al. (2010) (2.23 MB)