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Even though policies drive the management of organizational resources, the organizational capacity op countries in specific sports to allocate resources remains an essential ingredient of developing Olympians’ full potential. This research line has been developed in athletics, judo, tennis and winter sports.


Mazzei, L. C., De Bosscher, V., Ferreira Julio, U., Lopes Cury, R., & Silveira Böhme, M. T. (2020, published online). High-performance judo: identification of the organisational factors influencing international sporting success. Managing Sport and Leisure, 1-18.

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Sotiriadou, P., Brouwers, J., De Bosscher, V.*, Cuskelly, G. (2017). The role of inter-organizational relationships on elite athlete development: The case of tennis in Flanders. Journal of Sport Management, 31(1) 61-79.

pdf fileFull paper Sotiriadou et al. (2017) (1.76 MB)

Truyens, J., De Bosscher, V.*, Sotiriadou, P., Heyndels, B. (2016). An Analysis of Countries’ Organizational Resources, Capacities and Resource Configurations in Athletics. Journal of Sport Management. 1-52, 30, 5 , 566-585.

pdf fileFull paper Truyens et al. (2016) (12.27 MB)

Truyens,J., De Bosscher, V.*, Heyndels, B. (2016). Competitive Balance in Athletics. Managing Sport and Leisure, ISNN: 2375-0472. 21(1), 23-43.

pdf fileFull paper Truyens et al. (2016) (563 KB) 

Truyens, J., De Bosscher, V.*, Sotiriadou, P., Heyndels, B., Westerbeek, H. (2016). A Method to Evaluate Countries’ Resource-Based Competitive Advantage. A four country approach. Sport Management Review, 19 (3), 279–292.

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Mazzei, L., Meira, T.B., Bastos, F., Böhme M.T.*, De Bosscher, V.* (2015). High performance sport in Brazil. Structure and policies comparison with the international context (Eng). Gestión y Política Pública, volumina thematica, pp. 83-111.

pdf fileFull paper Mazzei et al. (2015) (1.15 MB)

Brouwers, J., Sotiriadou, P.*, & De Bosscher, V. *(2015). An examination of the stakeholders and elite athlete development pathways in tennis. European Sport Management Quarterly, 15(4), 454-477.

pdf fileFull paper Brouwers et al. (2015) (602 KB)

Brouwers, J., Sotiriadou, P., & De Bosscher, V.* (2015). Sport-specific policies and factors that influence international success: The case of tennis. Sport Management Review, 18(3), 343-358.

pdf fileFull paper Sotiriadou et al. (2017) (416 KB)

Mazzei, L. C.; Bastos F. C.; Böhme M. T. S.*; De Bosscher V.* (2014). Política do Esporte de Alto Rendimento no Brasil: Análise da Estratégia de Investimentos nas Confederações Olímpicas. Revista Portuguesa de Ciências do Desporto. [High performance sports policy in Brazil: Analysis of the investment strategy in the Olympic confederations]. Portuguese Journal of Sport Sciences, 59 — RPCD 14 (2): 58-73.

pdf fileFull paper Mazzei et al. (2015) (411 KB)

Truyens, J., De Bosscher, V.*, Heyndels, B. (2012). The SPLISS athletics project: A resource based evaluation of elite athletics policies. New Studies in Athletics, 27, (1-2), pp: 133 – 139.


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