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FS1Succesful elite sport policies: An international comparison.

FS2PILLAR 1 – Money in – medals out!?

FS3Efficient nations are organised and structured better.

FS4: How does Brazil stack up? 

FS5How did the SPLISS 2.0 nations do in Rio?

FS6The 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang: How will the hosting nation, South Korea perform?

Research paper summaries

RPS1Mapping the Potential Societal Impacts Triggered by Elite Sport.

RPS2Is prioritisation of funding in elite sport effective?

RPS3Policy transfer in elite sport development.

RPS4Valuing elite sport success using the contingent valuation method.

RPS5Competitive balance and medal distributions at the summer Olympic Games 1992-2016.

RPS6Elite sport policies and international sporting succes.

RPS7Towards a system theoretical understanding of the parasport context.

RPS8An investigation of sport policy factors and stakeholders influencing para atheletes' career pathways.

RPS9Research paper summary - Stakeholders' perceptions of athletic career pathways in Paralympic sport.