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Elite sport impact


ADDRESSING HOW ELITE SPORT IMPACTS UPON SOCIETY, deals with the research question: ‘What are the positive and negative societal outcomes of elite sport?’ How can Olympic athletes as role models, Olympic events, and Olympic Success deliver a societal impact? This is measured with the MESSI model (Mesuring Elite sport Societal impact), with 10 dimensions (and 73 subelements).


De Bosscher, V., Shibli, S., & De Rycke, J. (2021). The societal impact of elite sport: introduction to ESMQ special issue. 

pdf fileFull paper - De Bosscher et al. (2021) (1.65 MB)

De Rycke, J., De Bosscher, V.*, Funahashi, H. (published online 21.02.2020). The cure or the cause? Public opinions of elite sports’ societal benefits and harms. Sport in Society.

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Seguí-Urbaneja, J, Inglés, E, Alcaraz, S. De Bosscher, V. (2020). La metáfora de la pirámide deportiva: el efecto trickle down y up en España. [Sport pyramid metaphor: trickle down and up effect in Spain. ] La Revista Internacional de Medicina y Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte, 20(77).

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De Rycke, J., De Bosscher, V.*, Funahashi H., Sotiriadou, P. (2019). Public Perceptions of the Societal Impact of Elite Sport: Scale Development and Testing. Journal of Sport Management, 33 (6), 560-571.

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De Rycke, J., De Bosscher, V* (2019). Mapping the potential societal impacts triggered by elite sport: a conceptual framework, International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, Volume 11 Issue 3, 485-502.

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Funahashi, H., De Bosscher, V., Mano, Y. (2015). Understanding public acceptance of elite sport policy in Japan: A structural equation modelling approach. European Sport Management Quarterly, 15, 4, 478-504.

pdf fileFull paper--Funahashi et al.(2015) (629 KB)

De Bosscher, V., Sotiriadou, P., van Bottenburg, M. (2013). Scrutinizing the sport pyramid metaphor: an examination of the relationship between elite success and mass participation in Flanders. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, 3, 319-341.

pdf fileFull paper-De Bosscher et al.(2013) (708 KB)