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Less developed sport systems


This research line hopes to contribute to our understanding of context conditions of elite sport systems in developing nations . What methods and theoretical frameworks (if any) have been used for analysing elite sport policies? To what extent do individual contextual factors shape international sporting success? We aim to clarify the many questions that remain about achieving optimal elite sport environment in different nation contexts.


1. The contribution of the SA Sport Academy System towards high performance sport development as perceived by academy athletes, coaches and administrators in the Western Cape. The aim of this research is to provide a complete understanding of the sport policies in South Africa (SA) with regard to mass sport for recreation involvement, and the elite sporting system created to develop high performance athletes. In the subsequent sections, various specific contextual factors will first be defined which may influence the sport policy implementation in SA. Furthermore, a synopsis will be presented on the post-apartheid sport policies and the imperative emphases outlined in each. A description will be provided on the organisation of the stakeholders in both mass and elite sport, and the sport-funding stream allocations to both portfolios will be illustrated. Lastly, the article ends with a discourse on the emerging issues and concerns of sport policy and sport in SA.

2. This systematic scoping review aims to clarify how context conditions are defined and to what extent researchers operationalise this concept into shaping nations’ elite sport policy process and international sporting success outcomes. ‘Context’ is something that many in the field of public [sport] management deem with significant importance, but few define it, and even fewer do so much to describe and analyse it (Pollitt, 2013). Hence, this literature review aims to describe the nature, potential use and value of the concept of ‘context’ of countries in the policy process of elite sport development and international success. The following primary review questions will be addressed: How is ‘context’ defined or conceptualised within elite sport policy literature and other relevant academic studies? 



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