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Aurélie Pankowiak

Doctoral researcher, Researchers


Aurélie’s PhD project commenced in April 2015 at Victoria University in Melbourne (Australia) and is responsible for the development, validation and testing in an empirical environment of the Para-SPLISS framework.

The purpose of this research project is to identify and analyse the key drivers of effective national elite sport systems that contribute to a nation’s overall success in Paralympic competitions.

Two specific research aims have been set:

  1. To identify the key policy success factors which contribute to a nation’s Paralympic success,
  2. To identify the key contextual factors which affect the effectiveness of elite sport policies in the para-sport environment.

The long-term intention of this project (beyond the scope of this 3-year PhD) is to apply the Para-SPLISS framework in different countries to evaluate national sport policies developed and implemented to increase the country’s chances for Paralympic success.

A key aspect of this research is its inclusive methodology, which will be monitored through consultations with the Para-SPLISS advisory committee.